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Why joining CCC

People Philosophy:
At CCC, our philosophy is to facilitate a synergetic and interdependent relationship between the individual and the corporate through complete employee involvement. The cornerstone of our human resources management philosophy is the conviction that the wellbeing of the company and its people are interdependent, and that the company's most valuable asset is its people.

Work culture:
-Employee centric:
Our focus is the welfare of our workforce. Initiatives to promote their health, safety and wellbeing are introduced and updated regularly.

CCC encourages a free bi-directional flow of information and permits open discussion of differing views.

Development focused:
With an array of global locations and career opportunities, there is scope for continuous learning and growth.

-Respect for individual dignity:
We treat every person with respect and value his / her ideas and thoughts. We view constructive differences in opinion as learning opportunities.

-Customer oriented:
We not only understand what our customer values, but also the value the customer adds toour business.

-Team driven:
By celebrating achievements big and small and appreciating each other’s contributions as a team, we enjoy our journey to success.

Value proposition to you:
CCC continuous excellence-> At CCC, we understand that each individual has unique skill sets and contributes to the organization in his / her own way; hence, we create an environment where talent can bloom and support the management’s efforts to foster a high-performance-oriented workforce. We are committed to continuously training our people.

Equal employment opportunity->We believe that providing equal employment opportunities for all sections of society is an integral component for the growth of a company, and exercise this belief.

Integrity-> We inspire trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically, and encouraging honest and open debate.

Working at CCC is fun-> To ensure that all employees are enthused and happy at work, we have various employee engagement programs. We also take time out to celebrate the cultural and regional identity of our employees.

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